Why work at Leyline Renewable Capital?

At Leyline Renewable Capital, it’s not just about providing development-stage capital for promising renewable energy projects – it’s about empowering our team to change the world.

Leyline is always seeking hardworking individuals with a passion to learn, grow, and support our mission in various roles. Join us to help build the bridge to our clean energy future and make the world a better place for generations to come.

By providing essential capital earlier in a project’s life cycle than most other investors, Leyline is changing the way renewable energy projects are developed and financed. We are a rapidly growing renewable energy finance company with an on-the-ground, real-world mindset. Our team includes experienced renewable energy development and finance experts who are motivated to accelerate the pace of green energy projects and reduce the world’s carbon footprint. 

As a company made up of citizens concerned with equity and justice, we recognize that we cannot achieve our goals without a diverse, empowered team. Please see our Statement on Equity here. Instead of asking new team members to conform to our “culture,” we strive to offer candidates an equitable and accessible recruitment process so that we can hire people with the perspective and drive to continue to transform our business and workplace culture. 

Leyline seeks candidates that are committed by our five core values:

In addition to working with a team of mission focused professionals dedicated to mitigating climate change, Leyline also offers: