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Our People

Experienced renewable energy developers.

The team at Leyline has been there, and done that – both as investors and as renewable energy developers ourselves. With decades of combined industry experience, and close to 200 projects under our belt, we’re uniquely positioned to help hard-working renewable energy developers take advantage of today’s opportunities.

Executive Leadership

Erik Lensch


Eric Rubinstein



Daniel Copple

Director of Technical Services

Mackenzie Barrett

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Asset Management

Sherry Attaway

Corporate Controller

Clay Hartman

Director of Development & Construction Services

Rebecca Chilton

Director of Project Finance

Managing Directors / Origination

Lester Krone

Managing Director (Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill Gas, RNG)

Scott Starr

Managing Director (Solar, Wind, Battery Storage)


Dylan Angelini

Office Manager

Nathan Becker


Eoin Cahill

Developer Relationship Manager

Megan Colonel

Technical Services Manager

Allan Oduor

Development Analyst

Paulette Oxner

Closing Manager – Loan Servicer

Erica Reidy

Associate Director of Project Finance

Environmental Impact and Social Change

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Apparent alignments of human-made sites and natural land forms, these ancient straight paths were believed to have spiritual significance and were sometimes associated with sources of energy. We’ve adopted the term as a symbol of our commitment to finding and supporting more modern efforts to generate renewable energy.