Quarterly Report: Leyline Addressing Racism (Q3 2020)

In the crucible summer of 2020, Leyline’s employees made a collective commitment to anti-racism and social equity, and pledged to hold ourselves and our company accountable for making real change, particularly in the renewable energy industry where Black and Brown people are underrepresented.  We are encouraging our industry colleagues and partners to do the same. Leyline issued its Statement on Equity on July 1, 2020, and formed the Leyline Addressing Racism Working Group to organize our shared work.

Leyline will report each quarterly on the progress we’ve made toward the goals that we have  adopted. As part of that quarterly report, we will also include key metrics on environmental impact, equitable corporate governance, and social change.

Our first quarterly report can be found here.

This post illuminates the thought and action behind the quarterly report data. We think of these efforts as falling into four main, though overlapping, areas:

We are proud of the progress we have made thus far, but recognize this is only the beginning of a very long journey toward racial equity for our team, our company, and our industry. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please contact Rebecca Chilton or Erica Reidy, members of the Leyline Addressing Racism Working Group.